Passion of the Streets


The good girl meets the bad boy and fall in love.

Jamil and Gia come from opposite sides of the tracks, with Gia being a college grad and athlete, and Jamil being a drug dealer, The two meet by chance and Gia breaks down Jamil’s wall of distrust. The two quickly fall in love. Of course, this romance is threatened, mostly by Jamil’s past, but the two persevere. Street literature fans will probably like this book, as this novel has all of the elements of a street lit book, plus this book has a few twists and turns. Being that I like street lit and urban fiction, I have read this type of story line before and wasn’t surprised by some of the happenings in the book. In addition to the book being predictable, the romance between Gia and Jamil read like a teen love story instead of a romance shared by two grown adults. The sex scenes were a bit uncomfortable to read, but I get Jamil’s feelings. After all, he never experienced love from anyone before. This book will be released in April if interested in checking it out.

If you liked this book or like street lit romances, check out Moth to a Flame by Ashley Antoinette, True to the Game by Teri Woods, The Thug Series by Wahida Clark, King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart by Porscha Sterling, and books Black and White Lines by Tracy Brown.

I received an advanced copy from NetGalley to read and review.


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