The Asshole Survival Guide


Do you work with assholes? Do you dread getting up every day to go to work because you have to deal with them, when all you want to do is light that ass up? Is your family full of assholes? Do you avoid holiday gatherings so you won’t have to encounter that asshole aunt or other relative? Well, you aren’t alone!

The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal With People Who Treat You Like Dirt by Robert Sutton is the book I’m reading to help me tactfully deal with the many assholes in my life, especially the ones at work that I cannot run over with my car.

This book is pretty darn good. It is funny and informative and can help anyone who is going through some issues at work with co-workers or bosses who are making your work life unbearable. This book can also help with dealing with the assholes in our personal lives as well. Sutton includes many rules or tips, including making sure we aren’t the assholes in the situation. Look at ourselves first before pointing the finger at someone else. Now that we know it isn’t us, hopefully, what kind of asshole are we dealing with and how bad is it? Once we know that, we should try Sutton’s strategies to help us. Additionally, what I appreciated Sutton stating is it is ok to quit; in fact, it is easier to get out early on than to stay and become just like those assholes or stay and try to make it work and be miserable.

Without telling too much about this book, all I will say is that I am happy to see that I have applied some of Sutton’s tips, yay me! However, I think I should apply some others so I can start living my best life. Like he states, if one strategy isn’t working, we should revise it or try something else.

So, in short, if you need some tips on how to handle yourself and the assholes in your life, give this book a shot!

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I received an advanced ebook copy from NetGalley to read and review.

I also received a book copy from my job.





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