An American Marriage


An American Marriage forces us readers to ask ourselves if we would stay in a marriage that forces your spouse to be separated from you for years. Would you wait for your spouse, or would you throw up the deuces and move on? Celestial and Roy are newly married and are living the ideal life. Their lives are turned upside down when Roy is sent to prison. After Roy has been imprisoned for years, Celestial finds love with her childhood friend and Roy’s friend, Andre. However, Roy is released early from prison unbeknownst to his wife and friend. Shit hits the fan, y’all!

Simply put, this book is amazing. I enjoyed it all, the plot, the characters, hell, the writing! The writing is killer. Just brilliant! Tayari is that chick! I swear, if I could choose any author’s writing style as my own, I’m riding with Tayari. Every. Single. Time. Her writing style is everything. It’s elegant and smart, yet saucy and modern. It’s perfect! Unfortunately, An American Marriage will be released 8 February 2018. Mark your calendars.



I received an advanced reader’s copy from NetGalley to read and review.



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