The New Rules of Work

If you are looking for a new career position and you don’t know where to start, The New Rules for Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career should be your reference book. Written by the founders of The Muse, this book is divided into three parts: What Do I Really Want?, Making Your Move, and Charting Your Course Through the Modern Workplace. To know exactly what you want, the authors say we must start at the beginning and do what they call Reflect, Research, and Refine. What are your values, needs, and desires? What will you put up with or won’t? The grid that you will make will help you with this step. After you’ve figured that out, make your move! Get out there! Once you’ve found your pot of gold, make sure to update yourself and your skills.

After many failed job opportunities and ending up with horrible jobs complete with bosses and co-workers from hell, I am glad I picked this book up! This book is a great gift for recent college grads.


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