Bed of Lies

If you are looking for a sophisticated and spicy read, then look no further than a Shelly Ellis novel honey! Ms. Ellis has become one of my favorites! Her books give me just the right amount of stank that makes me drink a glass of wine and stuff my face with snacks as I keep up with the entertainment. In Bed of Lies, readers pick up where we left off in book one of the A Chesterton Scandal series, Best Kept Secrets. Terrence is recovering from his accident, while Evan and Leila are working overtime to make their situation work out despite both of their pasts interfering. Paulette is also coping with the consequences of her actions. Their half-brother, Dante, isn’t far behind in the drama, as he’s made it his mission to destroy his siblings. This isn’t a stand alone novel, as you should read Best Kept Secrets first before reading this novel. The next book in this series, Lust & Loyalty, is up next on my long to-read list.



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