Her Secret Life

Onika grew up poor with a crack addict mother and cold grandmother. She decided once she escaped her situation, she would never return. Now as Nikki, she goes off to college, hooks up with the elite, and lives a life many sugar babies dream about. Via her boo/sponsor, she has access to credit cards, vacations, and all any girl could want, until her boo decides he’s had enough of her and their relationship. Kicked out on her ass, Nikki is forced to face the aftermath of her secret life and finally embrace Onika. Nikki is a complex character – one minute I’m rooting for her, then the next minute I can’t stand her! Yet, she shows us readers that despite how unfair life can be, we do get blessings and help along the way, if we keep our eyes and hearts open.



I received an advanced copy from Netgalley


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