The Blood of Emmett Till


Like many, when I read that the living individual involved in the Emmett Till murder had finally broken her silence about what really happened that day, I immediately sought out this book. Being that this is also Black History Month, I decided I would make Emmett Till my subject and read this book, along with Writing to Save a Life: The Louis Till File by John Edgar Wideman.

The Blood of Emmett Till by Timothy Tyson is a highly emotional read that makes clear that although some things have changed, many remain the same. Tyson recounts Emmett’s horrible fate that day in 1955, and the strength his mother possessed until her last breath. Although this book is not an explicit history of the Emmett Till murder, it does, however, provide readers history many may not have known. I, for instance, shamefully did not know about the murder of Reverend George Lee, although I did know about Lamar Smith, thanks to TV One. In short, despite the lack of new details, remorse or guilt from the living individual, this book keeps the memory alive of Emmett, as well as Lee, Smith, and the countless others who sacrificed their lives for civil rights. Too, it also reminds that there is still much work to do.



I received an advanced copy from Netgalley


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