Luxury and Larceny: Part 1


Ever wonder what happened to Bree and China from the Luxe series? Check out Ty Marshall’s Luxury and Larceny then! Bree and China are on the run in this fast-paced, action packed read. After their incident with Chico, the two have no choice but to flee Los Angeles. Although Bree and China love each other, it’s every person for themselves because love doesn’t stop them bullets from Chico’s gun! China’s love, trust, and loyalty is tested. Will she run out on Bree again or will she stand by her man? Before you check this book out, you SHOULD read Luxe by Ashley Antoinette first. In fact, I highly recommend that you do. Although this e-book can stand alone, reading Luxe will provide readers the background information needed to fully grasp this story.


I received an advanced copy from Netgalley


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