Damn Delicious


I came across this cookbook at work. You all should know by now that I loovvveeeeee cookbooks, so I could not pass it up. Besides, with a name like ‘Damn Delicious’ who could really pass this cookbook up?

This cookbook is described as being for those of us who do not have time to cook and need super quick and easy recipes to make dinner instead of running out to Popeye’s for their $5 chicken box. Hey, I know I’m not the only one who rolls up to their drive-thru. Shit, their fish and shrimp combo is bomb. Anyway, since I love to cook but don’t have the time these days, this cookbook was right on time. Oh, let me add here that I did not know that the author had a blog, so I am seriously coming into this with no biases or opinions.

My first impression of this cookbook was that it is basic- like peanut butter and jelly sandwich type basic. Many of the recipes featured I’ve seen before on Pinterest. Others I thought were just too simple, such as the basic all-purpose chicken recipe. Anyone can put some seasoned chicken in the oven. However, as I kept turning the pages, I did see a few recipes I thought looked interesting enough to try, especially the desserts and drinks and the Asian inspired recipes. I also began to understand who this book is intended for, which are youngins who want to cook but don’t know how or haven’t had the motivation to start. I also think experienced cooks can look at this cookbook and revisit recipes or become inspired to remix a recipe or two and create their own. Either way, I do think this cookbook serves its purpose of getting people in the kitchen. If the pictures, which are amazeballs by the way, don’t motivate you to cook, then nothing will.

In short, I think it’s a decent cookbook. It is more suitable for beginners and those just moving into their first place and want to become a real adult by cooking their dinner. It does provide many quick and easy recipes as it claims it does. Experienced cooks and those who get down in the kitchen, this might not be the cookbook for you. All in all, I do think there is a recipe or two that many might like to try. Pick it up and look for yourself.


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