Kindle Unlimited Urban Fiction Finds Vol. 1

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited has lots of urban fiction/street lit books available to read, which is great if you’re like and love a good hood book and is a fast reader. However, with the many books available, it’s easy to run up on a book or two that just makes you roll your eyes and ask what the hell is this foolishness?! Seriously, I know. Here’s a quick list of books I liked and think you will too. If you haven’t read these titles already, you should!


1. When a Thug Loves a Woman by Charmaine Saquea


Seriously, honestly, I am still waiting on book two. Where is it, Charmaine? Huh?! Let me know girl when it’s coming out! In this hood love story, Bambi allows herself to fall for Chino, but can their union survive betrayal and turmoil?

2. Your Spouse, My Sponsor by Pebbles Starr


Listen, Pebbles put her whole damn foot in this series. The whole damn foot, hear me? Kirby realizes living the good life comes with consequences that she’s not willing to pay.

3. When a Rich Thug Wants You by Pebbles Star


Dammit, just check out her books. This series is definitely a page turner. Follow along as these couples fight their way to having a happy ending and maintain their friendships. Oh, and Canyon?! Yasss chile! He’s my favorite.

4. Little Miami Girl by Diamond Johnson


I enjoyed this series! It’s different than the typical drug dealer and pretty chick hook up story. Antonia life has been hell; she cannot wait to escape and go off to college. Jahiem enters the picture and changes everything for her.

5. King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart by Porsha Sterling


College girl meets thug, but realizes there’s more to him than meets the eye.


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