Luxe Two: A LaLa Land Addiction



Edited to add: This review was posted two months ago. Luxe 2 was released today! Read it!

Welcome back to LaLa Land! Ashley Antoinette, one half of the A&J duo is finally, yes, I said FINALLY, set to release this follow-up in October to the insanely good, Luxe! 

The really quick rundown (because I am not gonna spoil it for y’all): Clutch your pearls, y’all because Bleu is fighting for her life. Bleu thought she escaped a life of misery in Flint, but she essentially traded in one hell for another. Life in L.A. did not go as intended, as she fell into a web of deception, destruction, and drug abuse. Bleu now has to choose what is more important: saving herself or living in the fast lane in L.A. with Iman.

Luxe readers, seriously… This fast-paced novel is bittersweet and is sure to be read very quickly. And that ending, though! I do have questions, several, in fact, and I am wondering if this is it or if there will be another installment to this series that will answer those questions. For readers new to this series, do yourself a favor and read Luxe first before this one.





I received an advanced copy from NetGalley to read and review.


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