The Real Mrs. Price


I love J. D. Mason. She’s a bomb writer; I adore her writing style. She speaks to my wanna-be writer soul. If I ever could write a novel, I would love to pick her brain to learn her writing process. So yeah, I dig her.

Which leads us to this book, The Real Mrs. Price. Just look at the cover! I admit it, I had to request this book based on the cover alone. Bold woman, big ass ‘fro. Kinda like me. Lol. So yes, I had to read this one. And besides, it’s J. D. Mason!

The quick rundown: Here we are, back in the small town of Blink (and miss it), Texas. If you’ve read the Beautiful, Dirty, Rich series, then you know all about Blink. Blink is full of secrets and scandals. Ed Price is missing. What is uncovered is that not only does Ed have one wife, Lucy, he has another one, Marlowe, who is the complete opposite of Lucy. Everyone seems to think Marlowe, Ed’s black wife, has had a hand in Ed’s disappearance, but we learn that not only has Ed deceived these two women, but he’s been involved in illegal activity and has folks wanting his head on a platter. The two wives hook up to learn the truth about their husband, and hopefully move on from their lives as being Mrs. Price.

I liked it. Well, it is J. D. Mason. There isn’t much of her writing I do not like. This book is full of suspense, murder, and sex, honey. As with any Mason novel, you’re going to get kick ass writing, with a modern yet sophisticated twist. I will admit, though, that this book does read a bit slow. Slower than her other books, which is why I think first time readers of hers should probably start with the Beautiful, Dirty, Rich series or one of her previous novels first so you will have a better idea of how my girl gets down. Don’t fret though, the action picks up at the middle and we readers get a satisfying ending. I also admit that I was left with some questions, but I won’t spoil the story for you guys. So yes, read it. Let me know what you think when you do!



I was given an advanced copy from Netgalley to read and review.


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