25110828This cover is dope!

Vengeance is set to be released in May. Thank you to the book gawds for allowing me to read this before its release date!

Vengeance follows the life of Caprice aka LaDonna aka Wicket. Confused?!
Don’t be! Let me explain…

Our girl Caprice was betrayed by her friends, hell, aren’t we all at some point, and raped by several of her classmates. She escapes her horrid life and gains a wonderful new life, complete with new friends and family, and transforms into LaDonna. LaDonna captures the world as Wicket, a singing and dancing Beyonce clone. But fame, fortune, and a new family aren’t enough for her. She has to seek Vengeance! Wicket decides to return home to molly wop her tormentors. Daddy Warbucks, Wicket’s new daddy, that’s what I call him, tries to help her control her rage and anger. Will Wicket receive more than she bargained for? Or, will she finally control her need for vengeance and enjoy her fabulous new life?

So, did I like this book? Well, I think it’s decent. I went into it thinking this was going to be like Nervous, my favorite Zane book. There are several parts I enjoyed in this book because Wicket is a trip! A  hot mess! I got my life when Wicket read her former fake friends. When I tell you she gave them hell, she gave them hell! No one in their right mind would tolerate the way Wicket spoke to them. Those scenes made me giggle. Hell, all the scenes with Wicket clapping back made me giggle.

Conversely, I think the book would’ve been a bit better with more details. Don’t get me wrong, readers get lots of details about how Caprice became LaDonna, but I wanted more of a backstory. For instance, I wanted more details about the rape. We just know who was there and that she was rapped. Additionally, without telling the whole story, there’s a scene with Wicket and one of the folks who dogged her. We went from point a to point c. There was no point b. I wanted details! Like, what did Wicket say or do? Did she black out and somehow ended up over there? I wanted a play by-play of her beating ol’ girl down! Sorry about that little spoiler, y’all.

Now, for you freaky deaky folks, yes there are sex scenes. Y’all know Zane comes with the heat on that!

So, yeah, I liked the book just fine. It’s definitely a decent read. Zane fans especially should check it out. It’s fast-paced and will keep you occupied for a day or two.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me an advance copy.


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