Year of Yes


Shonda’s Year of Yes all began with six words,”You never say yes to anything.”

Shonda Rhimes, y’all know her, the owner of ABC’s Thursday night takeover with shows Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, has released a new book. Year of Yes follows Shonda’s lessons of saying yes to new opportunities, being an improved person and overall having a better life.

It all began with six words,”You never say yes to anything.”

Shonda begins the book by taking a look at her life and realizing, like many of us have, that it’s only happyish, after having one of those somewhat daunting conversations we all have with family. You know, the one where we’re kinda tooting our own horns, trying to convince them and ourselves that all is well and right in our world, but then we go right and really think about our lives and realize we truly aren’t as happy as we think or want to be. Shonda receives invitations to lots of fancy shindigs but really wants to decline them all. Her sister, Delorse, utters those six words which spark this journey.

I admit that I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I realized that Shonda and I have a lot in common 🙂 Hey there Shonda! We’re both introverts. She thought she’d be a librarian in a quiet little place. I’m in the library world, except it isn’t as quiet as people think it is. We both use our imaginations and live in our own worlds, except hers is real now, hello Shondaland! Anyway, this book has made me reevaluate some things, and I think I will officially begin my year of yes, although I must say that I have unofficially began taking on many lessons that I’ve learned. Speaking of lessons…

Each chapter provides lessons for all of us folks to use to get our lives together. I can’t tell you what they are! Why, you ask? Because you must read the book for  yourself and take from it what you can use for you! Ok, fine. I will tell you this. I have several, ok, a whole bunch of post-it notes with the lessons relevant to me.  Shonda’s crew of wonderful friends helped her by providing four ways of saying no. I currently have a post-it note with those four ways of saying no. I have a big problem with that. Saying yes when I really want to say no and doing things I truly do not wish to do. We’ve all been there. Well, Shonda says to cut that ish out and say yes to ourselves! And I’ve been doing it now. Seriously, a simple no will suffice. No explanation is needed. So there, there’s your advice for the day from Shonda and myself.

In short, with the new year approaching, if you need some motivation to change your life, check this book out. Everyone will from it what he or she will, which is great. Us little folks often think celebrities have it all and don’t have insecurities or problems when they do like everyone else. This book reveals some of Shonda’s own issues and how she overcame them and how we can too. Without shoveling mac and cheese down our throats. Thanks sister Delorse!


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