No new friends: The Leadership Diaries

This is a departure from me sharing my thoughts about books I’ve read. I’ve had this on my mind lately, and perhaps I just need to vent a little. Maybe this will help someone? At any rate, this is what I’ve learned as a worker/employee and manager.

No new friends. In fact, you don’t have no darn friends in business. Any business, and yes, even in the library/education world. Business is business and there are no friends in business. Everyone has his or her purpose for being on the job; some, like me previously, are there to make their money and to be friendly, some are just there for negativity and drama, to collect a check while creating chaos. Either way, guard yourself and always remember that co-workers are not your friends. It is easy to drop your guard and engage in conversation. I am learning to not even do that any longer.

I’m reading a book about leadership currently where it is states otherwise; that we need to engage with each other in order to rise to the top. Let me tell you again, everyone has his or her own agenda. Focus on yours and always remain loyal to you first.

I know others might not agree, and that’s ok. This is just me sharing my experiences.


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