Grand Opening

22859810I was going to start this off with an elaborate opening and discuss just how great this series is. But, if you’ve been a reader of Carl’s books, then you already know just how great they are. However, if you haven’t read any of his books, especially the Family Business novels, then you need to get ta reading ASAP!

In Grand Opening, Carl Weber teams back up with Eric Pete. I think these two are just amazing together. Carl and Eric take us back in time to the beginning of the Duncan family’s business. We meet LC’s big brothers, Lou, Larry, and Levi, and a bunch of other fascinating characters, some of them we’ve encountered in prior novels.

The quick rundown: The Duncan brothers sure are entertaining. Lou is a ladies man; Larry is an angry, war vet; Levi is huge and sweet, but often described as slow; and of course, we all know Lavernius, LC for short, their smart, soft-spoken little brother. Lou and Larry are working on building a family empire, and will occasionally perform jobs for Big Sam, a major unsavory character, if I must say so myself. Little brother LC just wants to work on cars, finish his degree, and marry Donna. The brothers find themselves in some mess, and that’s all I’m going to say about that because I don’t want to spoil it for y’all!

Look, I’m going to make this short. Read the book. It is fun, fast-paced, and we readers get to see where the Duncans started from, including Mama Chippy. Now, Chippy!? Chileeee!!! I never would have guessed! We usually see Ms. Chippy as the polished matriarch, but babeeee, mama had to get it how she lived! I respect her though, because she literally started from the bottom, but now she here! Further, I especially loved NeeNee and her love for the brothers, especially Larry. Oh, one thing I will be doing is rereading this series to make sure I catch up on all the folks up in it that I’ve missed.

All in all, check it out! Family Business readers won’t be disappointed. Start from the beginning of the series to catch up.


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