White Lines III: All Falls Down

23848003Alright White Lines fans. White Lines III by Tracy Brown will be released soon, and if you are like me, you’ve been waiting for Jada and Born to get together for the longest.

The quick rundown without me telling y’all all the deets: Well, if you’ve read White Lines II, then this book picks up where that book left off. We’re back with all of these characters, but I’m gonna focus on the ones who truly matter: Jada, Born, and Sunny. Sunny finds herself in some mess and realizes Malcolm ain’t ish. She knows she needs to get her life together for herself and her daughter, Mercedes, before it’s too late. Jada and Born are still playing games because of lil’ Chucky aka Jamari, Jr., aka Sheldon, and Born’s ol’ standby chick, Anisa. Will these two finally get it together or what? Will Jada’s past disrupt her present life and her future relationship with Born? And lawd, will Ava finally get a man?

See?! I did that, y’all! told y’all the story without really telling y’all the deal, and making y’all wonder what in the world is gonna happen in this book. *Pats self on the back*

I liked this book, mainly because we get closure. There’s no cliffhanger that makes us crazy while waiting impatiently for the next book to be released. I think WL readers will appreciate that. However, I must admit that I’m not a big fan of White Lines II. Nope. Sorry. I felt it just had too many characters and storylines, and White Lines III is no different in that regard. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Criminal Minded crew, especially Zion, with his fine self, and them other folks from Snapped, but I felt they needed to be in their own books. White Lines I didn’t have all of them in it because we didn’t need them. The focus was Jada, Born, Sunny, and Dorian. Not alllllll of these folks! They were all in their own series.

Still with me? Don’t let that stop you from checking out this book, though. The characters were strong and well-written, as usual in a TB book.  I especially enjoyed reading about Mercedes. Mercedes grows into a wonderful young lady, as Sunny raised her to be. But lil’ Chucky?! Forget lil’ Chucky! Yes, I don’t give a darn about Sheldon! Yeah, I said (wrote) it! That little demon got on my last nerve! Read WLII to catch up on all of his shenanigans if you haven’t. I will say that both of the kiddos grew up a bit in this book, which I enjoyed reading about.

Additionally, I have to add a lil’ something about Sunny. I just don’t think there is a better man for her than Dorian. Nope. Despite how they met or got together, they were just good with each other. It’s sad watching our girl hide behind her strong, assertive personality when she’s really hurt inside after all of these years. Yeah, let me sigh here… I’m not going to elaborate on her. Ms. Tracy did a good job of creating these two couples.

In short, if you’ve read White Lines and the follow-up, White Lines II, then you’re gonna want to check this one out too. Now, I won’t promise that this one is like White Lines I, hell, that book was a classic. But, we WL lovers will get closure, some sad, some good, but closure, nonetheless. With that said, do not read this book without having read White Lines I first.

Thanks to the publishers and netgalley; I received this book to review


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