I’m just going to get right into what I think about this book. Ashley girl…. YASSSS!!!! Ms. Ashley Antoinette delivert. Look y’all, I did not know where this book was going, what I was going to think, feel… but babies, look, I knew this book was a winner when I knew my tail had to get up at 5:30 am but I was still up well after midnight reading this book because I could not put it down. Then at work, after I dragged my sleepy behind in, I kept right on reading until I finished.

The really quick rundown because I’m not trying to spoil it for y’all: Our girl Bleu really came from nothing. Her mama is on drugs and doesn’t care about her child, and her father, despite his love, didn’t come through, either. Bleu does have the love and loyalty of her good friend, Noah, but after a devastating situation, the two are separated, and Bleu finds her way out west to finally live her dream of being a student at UCLA and live amongst the pretty people. Being with the young and reckless crew changes Bleu and not for the better. She finds herself in a world of drugs, sex, and more drugs. Along the way she meets Iman, and despite his love for her, comes with baggage and trouble Bleu doesn’t need. Will Bleu finally win her battle?  Spoiler: Will she choose Iman or Noah?

I won’t sit her and lie to y’all because the story isn’t exactly original: it is a good girl gone bad type of story. However, I grew to really like Bleu and wanted the best for her. I kept shaking my head and saying ‘No girl!’ the whole time. She really was naive, despite growing up in the environment she hailed from. There is a lesson though for young people especially that not everyone is your friend and everything that looks good, ain’t good! That lifestyle Bleu wanted came with a price too big for her to pay.

I must add, and this might be a bit spoiler-ish, but damn, do men like Noah and Iman truly exist? I’m saying, damn…

In brief, if you couldn’t tell, I enjoyed it, and I think A&J readers will too! Do yourself a favor and read it.

Oh, this happens to be my 100th post! Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate it.


Thanks to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review!


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