Baby, You’re the Best

22750007I am a big Mary B. Morrison fan. It all started with Soulmates Dissipate and up to the If I Can’t Have You series, which I think should have one more book, Mary please! But I digress…. Anyway, here we are with Mary B.’s latest, Baby, You’re the Best. I didn’t have a clue what it was about, honey, I just clicked away and was given access. I mean, Mary B. can give us a mean ass book so I wasn’t worried. Well, keep reading to see what the book is about.

The quick rundown: Baby, You’re the Best follows mother and daughter, Blake and Alexis Crystal. Blake has just turned 50 and is trying to get her life! She’s in a dead-end relationship where she’s not being sexually fulfilled, in addition to her dude being an overall bum. She goes to the bar for her birthday and the rest is history. Alexis is a pit bull in a dress. She’s bossy, she’s sexy, she’s sexually liberated, but she has one problem: she doesn’t know who her father is. That’s the reason why she refuses to settle down and prefers to keep multiple lovers on deck at all times. Alexis clues us in when she acknowledges that she thinks she’s this way because she doesn’t know her father. He’s listed as unknown on her birth certificate and Blake won’t tell her the truth. Well, Blake eventually comes clean, and chile!!! Life gets real.

There is a lesson in this book, and it will slap you in the face and will have you go, huh? Wait one good, darn minute! Ewwww! Noooooo!!!!

With a title like this I was expecting something else. I’m not even gonna lie. I thought I was going to read a cute romance-type novel with Mary’s signature style. Well, we do get what only Mary can bring, which includes strong, successful women who know what they want in and out of the bedroom. However, this book comes with several lessons. Let me get on my genealogy soap box first, ok here we go: know your history, your genealogy. It is important to know who you are and where you came from for  many reasons, but especially so you won’t have any problems like Alexis and her sisters, but especially Alexis.

In addition to alllll that, I found this book entertaining. I will say, though, that the story veered off in many different directions, which made the story distracting. I feel like there were several unanswered questions because of these side stories, and trust, there were a few. For instance, what will happen with Mercedes and her husband? Oh, their story has a lesson, too. There’s several questions I have about Domino, but I won’t say because I don’t want to spoil it.

In short, MBM readers will find this book entertaining, as I did. However, the side stories are distracting and make me wonder if there’s going to be a part two to answer all of these questions I have. Overall, it’s a decent read.


Thanks to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review!


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