Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later

23258959I’m going to say this now, spoilers will be all up and through this post. And I’on care. In order to express how I feel about this book, I have to do it this way. So here goes….

10 years ago, I and many of y’all rushed out to read Karrine Steffans’s book, Confessions of a Video Vixen. We all wanted to read about her life, all the men she was with, celebrity gossip, allll of that. I mean, really, we all wanted a glimpse into what we perceived to be her glamourous, scandalous life. The book was an interesting read, to say the least. Now here we are, 10 years later with Vindicated. I didn’t know what to expect from this book, as much can happen in 10 years. What I read,  however, is much different from what I expected or imagined her life to be like now.


In Vindicated, we catch up with Karrine following the fame of her books. What I learned is that the fortune and fame didn’t make her happy. The money didn’t change her life for the better. Maybe temporarily it did, but ultimately, it did not. After the success of her books, she was able to live in a fabulous home and have all the things that money could buy. The money eventually stopped rolling in, and she and her son were forced to move from place to place, with her often relying on men to help her out.

And that pretty much sums up this book. Are you still with me here?!

Throughout the book, we read about her roller coaster relationship with Aeron. I think we all know who Aeron is, especially if you’ve heard all the stories about these two. Their situation was dizzying. The abuse, the back and forth, him coming and going, her moving back and forth… it was just too much. I wanted her to just be DONE with him. But no. Many times she called him back, thinking she needed his help. At least she admitted she missed his son and liked being a mother to him, which was, in my opinion, the excuse she used to keep calling him back. Oh, and I can’t fail to mention her relationship with the Jamaican. Seriously? It seemed to me she finally wanted to feel in control of a man, and he seemed to be a punk to her. What dude is gonna do what we say, do what we want him to do, and simply cater to our needs all day, every day? When you find a man like that, who still actually has his balls, let me know. That relationship was a mess, honey. But, honestly, they all were.

Now on to the bigger fish… Of course bigger celebrity names were mentioned in the book. Wayne is mentioned, as well as Bow Wow. She had a relationship with the two and discussed more in-depth her situation with Wayne. I honestly thought she would’ve mentioned more rappers and other celebrities. So if you’re looking for juicy hook-ups, you’re not gonna get it in this book. There is a director dude she has a relationship with. Chile…. I can’t. Moving in after one damn date, then even dealing with him after the mess he said? I just can’t.

I did like the book. It felt it was more authentic, more honest. It did take me a month to finish, though. I don’t know, reading it was just kinda depressing. I seriously wanted her to win, to just say f*ck it and leave all of those dudes alone because they all weren’t ish and were using her for sex and to degrade her. One guy even told  her she was at his mercy! I hope readers, especially  young thundercats, will read this book and learn a lil something or two. This story is really about how abuse can affect your life, whether it’s physical, sexual, mental, or all of the above. I think it clearly affected her, and ultimately, her son’s life. As a survivor myself, you need to get yourself together and seek help to stop the negative behavior patterns that resulted from the abuse. Many times you just don’t realize what you’re doing! I think Karrine did notice her patterns, as she did mention that she did a time or three in the book, but she still kept doing the same things. Awareness is the first step! Anyway, before reading this book, please go back and read Confessions first if you haven’t. All in all, I think Karrine did a good job on this book, and I sincerely wish her and her son the best.

*Thanks to the publishers, author, and netgalley for the book!*


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