Keisha Ervin


I decided to name this post Keisha Ervin since that’s all I’ve been reading lately. I first read Torn, then Me and My Boyfriend, and now I’m reading Mina’s Joint.

I’m not ashamed to admit that initially, I didn’t like Keisha’s books. My first book of hers was Material Girl. I saw it at work and started skimming it, and to me, it seemed like a Sex and the City knock off. So yeah, I put the book back and hadn’t thought anything else about it or even wanted to check out any of her other books.

I saw Torn sitting on the shelf at my new job, and honey, let me tell you, I am now a believer! I absolutely love Torn. Anyone who has been in a dysfunctional relationship will love this book.  I’ve been on Amazon buying Keisha’s kindle books like a crazy person. Yes, it’s that serious for me.

Now, these books that I’ve mentioned have been published some time ago. I haven’t read anything of hers that’s been published recently. I really just want to relish in these books of hers that I truly adore now in this time of my life. And besides, I really wanted to just drop back in for a few since I’ve been absent here a lot lately.

So, if you haven’t read these books, check them out, especially if you are looking for some classic urban fiction to read


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