Drive-by post: Perfect Peace


I recently read Perfect Peace by Daniel Black for my book club. I’d read varied reviews, and really, I wasn’t too thrilled about reading it.

But babbyyy, let me tell you, I really enjoyed this one. And, it’s so appropriate for Mother’s Day! Oh, alright, I’m kidding about that one.

A reallly quick rundown (because I ain’t trying to tell ya every darn thing and I’m going back to bed): Perfect Peace was born a boy. But his mama raised him as a girl because she wanted one.

See, that was quick!

We readers get to learn why his crazy mama did what she did, and how Perfect, now Paul, deals with the decision his mama made.

Again, I enjoyed this historical fiction novel. I would have liked to learn more about how Paul’s outcome, though. I felt the story could’ve gone deeper into that, in addition to focusing more on his feelings. In many ways I did feel a little bit sorry for his mama, because I understood where she was coming from, though she was wrong as hell for what she did.

So, if you want a quick read, pick this one up.



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