The Family Business 3: The Return of Vegas

21869849Yass peoples! Vegas Duncan is home from the his temporary prison digs! This is great, as the Duncan clan will need Vegas in this new Family Business novel, The Family Business 3: The Return of Vegas, by my buddy (in my head, of course) Carl Weber and Treasure Hernandez.

The quick rundown: Junior and his boo, Sonya, want to be together. Not if her husband, Brother Xavier, has anything to say about it. Brother X, a big, bad dude in prison, wants Junior out of the picture for messing with his wife, and he will stop at nothing to make that happen. After some backroom dealings, Brother X plans to not only take out Junior, but also Vegas and Daddy LC. The Duncans pull together and fight for their family, but they face a few surprises and betrayals along the way.

Let me start with DAMN! Vegas is hot as hell! Just FINE  honey! Who wouldn’t want a man like Vegas on their team? Anyway, I think CW and Family Business series readers will enjoy this book. That thunder that came with book 1 is missing, I’ll admit. However, the old gang is back in this book, including The Man from 3B, Daryl Graham. Yes, him too! Readers still get that well-written and easy to read vibe from the authors that make reading this book a breeze and fun.

As stated, this book pulls out all the gangtas. We got Mama Chippy and her knife, Vegas with Bonnie and Clyde, and even Rio is out here holding! Needless to say, the Duncans are bringing the heat, as this book is full of action. I think readers will be thoroughly entertained by it all.

Carl and Treasure definitely left us hanging at the end! Obviously, there better be a follow-up to this one because I must know what Vegas is going to do and what Daddy LC is going to say! Ugh. See, Carl and Treasure ain’t right, doing me like this.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, just as I have enjoyed this whole series. I suggest readers starting at the beginning with book 1, The Family Business first before cracking this one open. Trust me, start at book 1. You will need the background information on the family. I do think this book has the potential of standing alone, but to fully understand the family dynamics, start at the beginning. And besides, the original Family Business is excellent. I loved it.

In short, gon’ ‘head and pick it up! That thunder is a bit missing this time, but readers will still receive a good read in this latest installment. Be on the lookout for the next Family Business series books. I believe Grand Opening is next.


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