A Man’s Promise

Now, y’all know I can’t stand romance novels. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Brenda Jackson has made me a believer, and I just cannot stop reading her Granger’s series! Honey chile, I am looking forward to reading book three!

22399557I recently finished the latest in the Granger series, A Man’s Promise. Just look at the cover. Hot! And doesn’t he just look like he could be Caden Granger? Hot damn!

The quick rundown: If you haven’t read book one, A Brother’s Honor, you should! But anyway, this book kinda stands alone, as this one focuses on the  middle brother, Caden. He was all set to marry his boo, Shiloh, but their plans didn’t come to fruition. Caden, a successful musician, can have any woman he wants, but the only woman he wants is Shiloh. But, Shiloh ain’t trying to hear nothing he has to say. Will he keep his promise and win Shiloh back?

There is a lot more that goes on in this book, as there are a couple other storylines going on here. Some folks might like it, some probably won’t, but I thought it was cool. It made the whole Granger situation more interesting and keeps me wanting to know more about what really happened in the Granger family. The way this book ended has me counting down the days when book three is to be released.

So yes, folks who don’t like romance novels, I think this series will help change your mind. The story is cute and can make a girl dream.


Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for allowing me a read and review


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