Crazy, Sexy, Revenge


J. D. Mason is back with her latest release, the final book in the Beautiful, Dirty, Rich trilogy, Crazy, Sexy, Revenge. If you haven’t read the first two books, you should! CSR isn’t exactly a stand alone novel, and in order to fully understand what’s going on, I recommend beginning with the first book, Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

In CSR, Desi grows a spine and sets out to finally put the Gatewoods to bed. She realizes all that her friend, Lonnie, had done for her and sets out to finish where Lonnie left off. The Gatewoods are their usual selves, which is to be expected. Readers will get some shocking revelations, including one show down near the end of the book that was so great to read.

As with any J. D. Mason novel, you’ll get a good story and some dope writing. I absolutely love her writing style. I’ll admit this one began a bit slow, but readers will get an interesting ending and final goodbye with Desi, Jordan, and the crew.




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