The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia


I had been waiting on this book forever! The darn release date changed so many times, chile…but here we are, finally, after our 1,255 year wait. (Ok, I’m exaggerating.)

The Cartel 5: La Bella Mafia by our buddies A&J (Ashley and JaQuavis for you new folk) finally arrived for me last week at work, and trust when I tell you that I ran to the shelf to pick it up. I even hugged it a lil’ bit. Sad, I know.

The quick rundown: This book starts off with the happenings of the last book with the boys being chased by the feds and deciding to fly off the grid and fake their deaths. The ladies think, in the beginning, that their men are dead since their plane had been found. Miamor, being the murder mama that she is, takes on the role as leader of the girls. The guys aren’t dead, but are in Saudi Arabia. Mia, with some help from the ladies, is doing her thing, and she sets the guys up with a sweet deal so they can return to their former lives but without the illegal messiness.

I hope I didn’t tell too much.

So, what did I think about this fifth installment after I had to wait so long? I have to be real here. I miss Mecca. Sad face 😦 Since we’ve brought folks back from the dead before, why can’t it be done again? Yeah, I know I’m reaching. Anyway, the storyline just didn’t do it for me. No shade. I just think that the men have changed so much from when we first met them in the first book. Their actions, especially Carter’s, had me wanting to reach in the book and snatch them up. Seriously. Monroe is a clone of Mecca, we saw that in the last book. Carter is Carter, but he annoyed me this time around. Zyir is pretty much the same character we met, however. Mia is still the same, but she’s a murder mama, we know what to expect from her. I enjoyed reading about her making power moves. Leena had a bigger role this time around and showed a bit of growth, since apparently she’s a college grad. My lil Breezey became a harder egg to crack. I just love Breeze and Zyir together and wished to have read more about them. But their time is coming, as A&J will release a spin-off book focusing on Zyir.

I do have to admit that the label throwing was annoying. Yes. We all know by now in book five how the Diamonds get down. They like expensive ish. We don’t need a constant reminder of that. However, I know that’s how street lit goes, though, so forgive my little rant.

In short, Cartel fans will want to read this book. And you should! I think it’s a decent read but not what I expected it to be. The book started to get realllly, realllly good the last few pages, which of course, will usher in the sixth book of the series.




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