Lost and Found

I love a good autobiography. I especially love the ones that really allow readers to get all up in the author’s business! Seriously, I feel that if you 18652818are going to write an autobiography, then tell it all! I know we all want to keep some things to ourselves, I get that, but really, don’t tease us!  Deep down, I think we really want the truth and to know how people really felt going through certain situations. This is where Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes comes in…

I listen to Bishop Jakes from time to time, especially in my car when I need a spiritual pick me up, so when I heard his daughter on the radio some time ago talking about her book, I was curious to read this book. I wondered exactly what she would talk about. I mean really, at first glance, one would think her life is perfect, considering who her father is. Well, this book is a testament that we all have a testimony and lessons to share.

The really, really quick rundown: It’s not always easy being a preacher’s kid, especially when your dad is on the cover of magazines being heralded as the next Billy Graham. Sarah Jakes tells us about her triumphs, failures, and disappointments, which includes her giving us the rundown about many situations in her life. She discusses her marriage and a bit about her teenage pregnancy. She also includes the lessons she learned and provides many passages of wisdom for her readers.

I liked this book. I think it is very appropriate for where she is in her life at her age. I’ve read some reviews that stated Sarah shouldn’t have put in the book the drama that came with her marriage, which I won’t spoil here for future readers of the book. I say, why not? I think all of us, males and females alike, have experienced many of the feelings that she did, and consequently, did some of the things that she did. I won’t lie, chile, I have had my thot moments and times where I acted a darn fool, so why shouldn’t Sarah? Despite being a preacher’s child, she is a human. We all go through some things. Anyway, despite this rant, I think it was a very solid autobiography. I also must admit I am a little j (jealous) because, I tell you, she has some awesome parents. I have sticky notes on some of the pages of where her parents just wowed me with the love they showed her, even despite all of the things Sarah did. They loved her in spite of, and I can tell you, I received a lesson just from reading about her parents.

In brief, I enjoyed this book and wonder why it took me so long to read it! I think this book is appropriate for young ladies to realize that we all go through growing pains and have lessons to learn.


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