The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride

I recently finished reading Carl Weber’s latest release, The Choir Director 2: Runaway Bride, and honey, I have lots to say about this! I 18656376will try to keep it light, however, and not spoil it too much for those who have yet to read this book.

The quick rundown: Runaway Bride begins with obviously, the bride not making it to the altar. Aaron, the choir director for those who didn’t read book one, is left embarrassed, wondering why his fiance, Tia, didn’t show up for their wedding. Why didn’t Tia show up? Little does Aaron know, the reason has nothing to do with Aaron and everything to do with Tia. Tia thought she was over her past until it comes back and smacks her in the face. Bishop Wilson and his wife, Monique, are trying to get the couple back together, but with Monique having dreams of being an actress and Jackson, a talent agent set on helping to make her dreams come true, the bishop and first lady have their own issues to deal with. Speaking of pasts coming back to haunt us, Tia leaving Aaron at the altar isn’t the only thing Aaron is faced with, as his own past catches up with him and leaves him in a life or death situation. The members of First Jamaica Ministries show us that we can be saved and still have problems!

Ok folks, I thought the book was decent. I give it 3 stars of out 5. I think there was a lot going on in this story,  some of which I was a bit confused about. For instance, I’m confused about the ending. After reading the ending, there must be a part three or sumthin! There is just no way it closed like this, with no explanation! Nothing! I’mma tell you now, if you don’t want spoilers, stop reading now.

As I mentioned, there was a lot going on in this book, and I’m about to break it down. For starters, I just didn’t get Desiree. I thought she wanted to get all freaky with Aaron, not seek revenge against him. After all, when we first met her, she was trying to get at Aaron at his bachelor party. So what was up with that? Further, I want to know what kind of medication she was on because obviously she was crazy. Also, what about Ross? Did dude ever get back with his wife? Oh, and Monique? I have to go there on her. Did she really think she was going to become an actress? Chile please! Come on now. And after all that, I am still left with the question of if the bishop and Monique will back together and sort out the truth? Now on to the real drama: How could Aaron, the friggin choir director, do what he did? After all he went through in his past to get where he was in life, he’s gonna go out like this? Ok, I get it…kinda. I just didn’t like that at all! And, poor Pippie. That was really messed up.

See, I told y’all I there’s a lot going on here! Whew… So, is the point of the book  to show us that even church folk do things as this? If that was the point, I get that already. For us readers to go through alla THAT and get the ending we got? Come on now! There best be a part three!

In short, I thought it was a decent read. Faithful readers will enjoy this book, but not as much as the others, I think. It’s entertaining, but there was too much going on and many unanswered questions. Nevertheless, I recommend checking it out since Carl usually delivers.


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