I live for self-help books. Seriously, you will find me in the library or book store in the self-help aisle. I’m all about self-improvement 20701958and creating a better life for myself, so it was a no brainer to read Pam Grout’s new release, E-Cubed. Now let me explain here… a sistah has been through some thangs and I’m always praying for and asking Jesus to fix it and Buddha to bind it, honey. In other words, I will take all the help I can get in order to have a better life.

So, let’s talk about E-Cubed. Well, no. Let’s talk about E-Squared first.

I was first introduced to the author’s book E-Squared by Louise Hay. If you don’t know Ms. Louise, check out her book You Can Heal Your Life so y’all can get y’all’s lives! Anyway, if you haven’t heard of E-Squared, basically readers go through several experiments to prove that we can create our realities. Reading how the experiments worked and changed lives had me intrigued. So, I ended up getting a copy and trying the experiments, too. Many of them worked for me, and I still reread the book and redo the experiments I choose. When I saw that E-Cubed was coming out, I had to read this one too.

E-Cubed is a bit different from E-Squared. For instance, in E-Cubed, the majority of the experiments required 48 hours for manifestation. In this book, the time allowed for manifestation is 72 hours. Of course I read all the chapters and tried the experiments. I’m still trying to decide if I want to do the bonus one. Yup, there’s a bonus experiment! Anyway, like the prior book, readers get lots of motivation and success stories, including one about Susan Boyle, y’all remember her and her story, right? The format is the same though, with the question, hypothesis, research notes, etc. to help us out in conducting the experiments. I will tell you this, even if you don’t believe, what you will come away with is an improved attitude. Trust me, I deal with the public all day. Reading a bit of this book while at work has helped to put me in a better mood while on the job.

In brief, if you are into new age stuff and are interested in improving your life or even just your attitude or day, check out this book and the previous book I mentioned. Either the experiments will work for you or they won’t. It’s worth it to try!


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