The White House

What happened in that white house has consequences.

In JaQuavis’s new book, The White House, we meet Draya, a maid working for the rich Harris family in a big white mansion. Draya is working two jobs trying18528294 to take care of herself and her little brother, and she is determined to put him through college. One day while working her shift at the white house, she spots Mr. Harris putting money into a safe. Being desperate, Draya puts a plan into motion to ensure that her brother will go to college. What happens next will change the course of many people’s lives.

Although this book is very short and end-oriented, it is full of action and will keep you reading. JaQuavis is such a good, solid writer and story-teller; he gives you a story authentically and raw.

I enjoyed this book. I could relate to it, without all the extra stuff, of course. I know what it’s like to be desperate. And to be so desperate to do something you know you shouldn’t, but feel you don’t have a choice. You are tired of being stuck and want a better life. I don’t judge Draya for her actions; I just wish she would’ve made a different choice or at least truly thought out what she planned to do. As JaQuavis points out in the beginning of this book, all actions have a consequence, and she couldn’t run from her karma.

I know Ashley and JaQuavis fans will enjoy this book, and maybe even learn something. If you need something quick to read, check this out.


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