Prada Plan 4: Love and War

Yes people, The Prada Plan 4: Love and War is out! If you read my post on the last Prada Plan release, well, you knew I was rather17981275 fed up with Yaya and wished for this series to end! Well, I tink readers will be happy with this one!

The quick rundown: Part 4 begins where we left off in the last book. Indie believes he has been stood up at the altar, but in actuality, Yaya and Leah are out battling for their lives. After the Leah situation, Yaya thinks she and Indie are going to finally walk down the aisle and get married, but nope! Parker, Indie’s old chick, busts up in the place with news of her own, and she is determined to be Indie’s wife. Indie is torn; he loves both women. What is he to do? All the while, Ethic emerges and shows Yaya what it’s like to really be loved by a man. Will Indie and Yaya finally have a happy ending, or will they go their separate ways?

Ashley, girlfriend, you did a good job with this one. Much better than Prada Plan 3, because in that book, Yaya got on my last friggin’ nerve. The last damn one, I tell ya! As previously stated, I think readers will really like this one for many reasons. For one, not to spoil anything, but we finally get closure with these characters, in more ways than one. Also, Ethic appears in this book! Ethic is probably one of my favorite A&J characters. Seriously, where do they make men like him at? Tell me! Chile, I felt just like Yaya did, and wanted to confess my love to this fictional character! LOL!

Let me get down to business with Indie. Why did it take all that foolishness for him to realize what he had with Yaya? I get it, he and Parker had history. But that’s why it’s history! Then for that situation to end up the way it did… Indie got what he deserved. I wished that the ending had been different but I’m not mad at all how it all turned out. Ethic deserves his own book and a happy ending of his own.

In brief, I enjoyed this one! I think  Prada Plan readers will, too. Now, when will we get a book and happy ending for Ethic?


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