The Other Side of the Pillow

Zane’s The Other Side of the Pillow has just been released, and I was fortunate enough to have read an advanced copy. Well, forget 20945862all the formalities, let’s just jump right into this.

The quick rundown: The Other Side of the Pillow opens with us meeting Jemistry, love the name by the way, who is a high school principal who thinks men are all good for nothing. You see, Jemistry has been in a series of bad relationships, which have led to her believing all men are dogs. While reciting poetry about her bitterness about men and relationships, Dr. Tevin sparks up a conversation with her and decides he wants to be the one who changes her view on men.

So yeah, this book is a romance. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I don’t deal too much in romance. Romance novels just aren’t my thing, but I give all books a chance, even that darn 50 Shades of Grey, but that’s a whole different conversation. Anyway, again, this book is a romance, and we follow the romantic development of Jemistry and Tevin. If you thought this was going to be erotica, nope, not this time. Don’t get me wrong, though, they do get down and we know Zane can write a good erotic scene.

Anyway, I thought this book was a good, solid read. It kept me interested, even when it seemed like the characters were going in and ranting a bit. One thing that has stayed with me, and what I wasn’t feeling too much, is Tevin. He’s just too good to be true, which is why I don’t really deal in romance. Let’s run down his stats: Tevin is tall, dark, and handsome with a nice you know what. And, he’s a friggin doctor. Really y’all, where they make those at? I know, I know… it’s just a book. I also get the purpose for all of this, to get us to open our minds and show us that all men are not bad and that real love can be found. Ok, got it.

In short, I liked it. I think romance readers and Zane readers who don’t mind not reading her erotica will like it too.


Thanks to netgalley for my copy


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