Unbreak My Heart

Toni Braxton has an autobiography out now people! And I love me some Toni Braxton! Just Be a Man About It, Another Sad Love 18090157Song, I Love Me Some Him, The Heat, need I go on? Let’s just say I rejoiced when this book was ready for me at work to pick up. Initially, I had no idea she was coming out with an autobiography until it showed up at work.

Since this is an autobiography (and this new WP layout is trippin’) this is going to be short and sweet. I enjoyed this book! I learned many things about Toni; being a listener of her music and watching Braxton Family Values, I thought I knew much about her life already. Not so! I think Toni admirers will also enjoy this book because we all go back in time with her, back to her childhood and experience her heartaches, heart breaks, guilt, joys, and accomplishments in life, as well as the music industry in this short book. Yeah, the book really isn’t that long for an autobiography, but I think Toni’s story is still being written. Maybe she will release a part two at a later date.

In addition, I enjoyed learning a bit more about Ms. E and Braxton (if you watch the show, that’s what they both call each other), Toni’s parents. Guilt seems to be a theme of Toni’s life, and I get it because of how she grew up. Getting a better understanding of her parents and her background makes me understand Toni better and why she made some of the decisions she’s made.

So, in short, Toni fans will like this short autobiography. You might learn something new  about Toni and her family or get some things cleared up about what you thought you knew. This fast paced book will make you want to keep reading until you finish.


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