Drive-by post: Darling Nikki

Next up for me in library land is Darling Nikki by E.V. Adams. This book came back to the library looking a bit ratty and tore up, 13259760which made me think this had to be a good read!

The quick rundown: Nikki is going through some changes, honey! Nikki finds out her husband, Duncan, is cheating, and to top all of that off,  her teen son, Rayshad, got his girlfriend pregnant. What’s a woman to do? Nikki puts her big girl panties on and handles the situation with her son, or so she thought. To add more drama, Duncan thinks Nikki is cheating with her first husband, Chance, to get back at him. In addition, the mother she hadn’t seen in years comes back, and the two try to forge a new relationship.

This book is a quick, entertaining read. I read it within a day or two because I just had to get to the end.  The story is suspenseful and all of the characters have secrets that ultimately come back to bite them in the you know what. In Nikki’s case, I understood her wanting a better life. Her early home life was horrid; having a drug addicted mother isn’t easy. However, her marriage with Chance and the decisions she made in their marriage was what set this whole book into motion. It seems to me that she got paid back all of the wrongs she put out in the universe. Her son ended up in the same situation as her with his girlfriend, although when you read the book, Rayshad has his own story line that will have readers looking a bit shocked and confused just like I was at the end. I also think back to her mother and believe Nikki ended up just like her. Family secrets can haunt generations and not end well at all.

In short, if you’re looking for a different kind of book that is easy to read and a bit thrilling, check it out.



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