If You Don’t Know Me

Mary B. Morrison is back with the latest in the If I Can’t Have You trilogy, If You Don’t Know Me. After having read the other 18167463books, y’all know I was more than ready to read this! Now, she said this would be the last one, but let’s get into this post first.

The quick rundown: Madison has given birth to Zach and she desperately wants her husband, Chicago, back. However, that ain’t gonna happen with Sindy in the picture. Chicago thinks the Almighty himself told him Sindy is the one, and because God told him this, he ain’t got time for Madison, and having Zach isn’t going to change his mind. Sindy wants Chicago, and she will do anything to get and keep him, even if it means scheming and lying. Unfortunately, Sindy isn’t the only schemer and liar in this book, as many of this trilogy’s characters are back and up to their old tricks. Of course, we can’t have this book without our number one psycho, Granville, who believes Zach is his son.

So, if you have read the prior books, you already know what this is. All the characters are back in this one, and they are all a bunch of crazies. Well, we wouldn’t have a book if everyone was right with Jesus, would we?

I enjoyed this book but I was left feeling a bit crazy my darn self. This is why I feel some type of way: I hated the ending. We need another book! I refuse to believe this is the end! Ok, let me get it together here and explain. I apologize now for any spoilers.


I think Madison is better off without Chicago and being in that family. I don’t like Chicago or his family. Really, Helen’s gonna sit on it for six months, knowing the truth? All because she’s waiting for Madison to get another man and move on? Chile please! Who would really want their child with a scheming tail heifer like Sindy or that family? Why get mad at Madison but praise Sindy for doing the same thing? I get wanting revenge, but let’s be real here. Sindy was also messing with the life of an innocent baby, when she of all people should know how sickening family secrets are. Who’s to say that Sindy won’t turn on Chicago and his family if things go south with Chicago? If I was Madison, I wouldn’t want my child around any of them crazy heathens! That’s probably why Madison did what she did in the end. Chicago’s mama thinks they will fight for custody later on? See, Mary, we need another book! Just one mo’! Oh, and just because you ain’t taking wood in your jay jay, doesn’t mean you aren’t sexually active. That really worked my nerves about Sindy, her ol’ hypocritical self.

Additionally, I found it funny and sad that Chicago actually believed Sindy to be different from Madison. Lies I say! Sindy is just like Madison. It was Satan and his crazy mama telling him that mess about Sindy being the woman for him! Yeah, I don’t like Sindy if you didn’t realize that by now. I don’t like any of them, really, except Tisha. Tisha is such a good friend. Oh, I guess I should add that Loretta’s thirsty self makes an appearance or two in the book, and nothing’s changed with her either.

How can I forget Granville? Granville, Granville, Granville. I’m happy with how the story turned out for him, but we must have an update!

In sum, this is supposed to be it, the end of the trilogy. I refuse to believe it though! We need one more book to finally get some closure! If you haven’t read this trilogy, start with book one, If I Can’t Have You and you will understand.


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