Return of the Cartier Cartel and South Beach Slaughter

Since I was soo excited and enjoyed Cartier Cartel, I read both Return of 18124725the Cartier Cartel and Cartier Cartel 3: South Beach Slaughter immediately after. I figured since I enjoyed the first book, I would enjoy these two too! Well, honey, keep reading to get the deets.

The quick rundown on both of these darn books: So, Cartier, Jason and the babies go off to Cali and start a new life. Cartier and Jason obviously didn’t learn anything about being married because he was up to his old tricks and Cartier let herself fall back into a hoodrat, trying to track down his chicks. Since she’s mad at him and wants to seek revenge on the killer of her friends, she demands that she and her family return to New York. Once back, Jason is still Jason, but this time, he really screwed up and Cartier really had enough when she did what she did. Cartier’s actions sets off a whole ‘nuther beast, in addition to the one she was already 18106876in, which was trying to find the killer of her friends. Cartier finds the killer and moves on to Florida since so much has happened and will never be the same. In book 3, SBS truly lived up to its name because a slaughter it was, chile. Because of what Cartier did in book 2, she has to face the music, and she is up against something bigger than she ever imagined.

Whew…I tried to keep it short and to the point without telling too much. These two books were very fast paced and easy to read. However, I prefered the first book and really think we could’ve stopped there and had a happy ending, with Cartier, Jason and the kids riding off in the sunset. But, in hood books, you know we can’t have that! I think Cartier had gone too far and she had to deal with the consequences of her actions. Unfortunately, other people, including the innocent, had to pay too. I did not like how Cartier treated Lil’ Mama and think LM should had left and went back home when she had the chance. Some readers might like Apple and Kola’s appearance in SBS, but I found it weird. SBS left me with too many questions. For instance, why did SBS end the way it did? Will there be a follow-up to explain and give some details? It was nice to know about Apple’s daughter, though, which was the only bright spot in this book.

In short, if you are like me, you are going to want to read the sequels and know what’s going on. I can’t say I was pleased. I enjoyed Cartier Cartel the most and wished for a happy ending for Cartier and Jason.


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