He Was My Man First

He Was My Man First. Like, who could really turn down a book with that title? I needed 10483910something different to read, and He Was My Man First by Nancey Flowers and Courtney Parker fit the bill. Here’s how this story goes….

The quick rundown: Valentine and Richard have been a couple for 10 years. Throughout those years, Rich has cheated many times with different women, and Valentine never hesitates to track these women down and let them know, after a beat down of course, that he was her man first and always will be! However, Rich’s new mistress is his co-worker, Vanessa, who has been bred to mingle with high society men, not men like Rich who is from the streets. Rich thinks Vanessa is the perfect, well-bred and groomed woman who will help excel his career, but Vanessa has her own motives. Will Rich choose his ride-or-die chick Valentine or his high society chick Vanessa?

My thoughts: Once I read Vanessa’s first chapter, I knew where this story was heading and how it was going to end. Well, not exactly, but I knew all wouldn’t end well for Rich. Nevertheless, I kept reading because the language and dialogue in this book is crazy! I loved this book’s setting and contemporary writing style! I mean, really, Valentine said stuff I would say. Valentine was funny and very entertaining, which again, kept me reading despite me already figuring out what was going to happen.

Caution: This will contain spoilers!

I liked this book but hated it as well. I don’t like giving spoilers but this book…chile, I have to let it all out! Who else am I gonna tell this to?

Anyway, ten darn years? Ok, they were engaged for three of those years, but so what? He cheated many, many times! Then, when he thought his career would take off, he leaves? Giirrrllllll!!! No ma’am! Valentine should’ve left his trifling behind alone a long, long time ago! He had the nerve when things blew up in his face to come crawling his funky self back? Again, no ma’am! Val even considered taking him back after all she went through?! NO MA’AM! All was good when he thought he was going to be VP and move on up the corporate ladder and have Vanessa by his side. Now, let me go in here on Vanessa. She couldn’t help her evil ways, she was raised that way. However, why disrupt someone else’s life with your games then send his ex-fiance a note saying sorry, along with his clothes and belongings? She really had nerve! I wanted Valentine with a new dude or even Ron, although I don’t believe in co-workers dating. The ending just didn’t do it for me. End rant.

Ugh. I know, I know. This book really took me there, I’m really in my feelings here. It just didn’t make no darn sense! Do I recommend this book? Maybe. I think it is well-written, even with the few errors, as well as entertaining and thought-provoking. It is also fast paced and end oriented so readers will get through this book quickly. I wanted a different ending, though, but maybe this is a story of redemption and forgiveness? Naw, not buying it. Val could’ve forgiven and moved on with her life.

In short, I liked this story but it annoyed me. I know that sounds crazy. Yet, this book provides a good discussion!


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