Drive-by post: The Player and the Game

Yeah, another romance book. And it’s no longer February. I know, I know… I have no excuse! I was hooked on the last book and16116028 had to read this one. And how ironic was it that soon after I returned the first book, Can’t Stand the Heat, that The Player and the Game was ready for me to pick up. Naturally, I was excited to jump into this one, so let’s not waste time.

The quick rundown: Them gold diggin’ sisters are back in Shelly Ellis’s latest Gibbons Gold Digger book, The Player and the Game. This time, Stephanie is the main character, along with a lil’ something featuring big sister Dawn. Stephanie thinks she’s met her future husband in Isaac. He fits the Gibbons model of a good catch: He’s rich and gives her everything she wants. The two are engaged to be married until he runs off with all of her money. Pissed off because now the tables are turned, she hires the P.I. who, unbeknownst to her, had been tracking down Isaac. Now y’all know this is a romance, so Stephanie and Keith feel some heat and get all flustered when around each other, but will they stick to their goal at hand to find Isaac? Dawn is facing issues at work. Will she sacrifice her gold digging morals (yeah, I know) to book Razor, the new big thing in the art world, or disappoint her boss and get fired?

I enjoyed this book. Like the last one, it is funny, well-written, and easy to read. In addition to romance, it features a bit of suspense and mystery, as well as the requisite humor and drama. Shelly knows when to add the humor and drama, too, and it’s just the right mix of both. All of the sisters are back, and readers receive an update on Lauren and Cris, too. Although I kinda knew what was going to happen here, the story was still fun and interesting, especially between Stephanie and Keith. Dawn added a different element to the book because she was focused on her career. I really enjoyed her storyline. There are many events I didn’t see coming to both sisters, and many scenes left me shaking my head. So yeah, check this one out too!

In brief, readers will enjoy the Gibbons Gold Digger series. It is light and fun. I am really looking forward to a book 3, which I hope will feature Cynthia. I think she will  have a good story to tell.


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