A Brother’s Honor

I have a confession: I hate romance novels.

Okay, okay, hate is such a strong word. I just don’t like it. Why? It ain’t real, that’s why! But, since it is February and Valentine’s Day, and I’m snowed in, what better way to get some romance in and read a romance novel for my job’s reading genre challenge? Yeah, this is somewhat required reading. I don’t usually, on purpose, pick up a romance book to read, but again, since romance is this month’s book challenge, here I am. Ugh.

So, on my quest to find the perfect romance book for me to read, I picked up Brenda Jackson’s A Brother’s Honor. Despite being popular, I have not 16160045read any of Ms. Brenda’s books and figured it was about time. If I am to read a romance book, it has to at least appear entertaining and the cover sure looked good to me! Here we are folks with my take on A Brother’s Honor.

The quick rundown: After dealing with the loss of their parents and consequently their friends, Jace, Caden, and Dalton grow up and leave their pasts behind. After their grandfather becomes ill, the three brothers are summoned back home. On their grandfather’s deathbed, they promise him to take over the family business that all three brothers didn’t want any dealings with. There is something shady going on at the business, and Shana is the best person to come in and fix things. However, Jace meets his match with Shana and the two try to remain professional, despite having lots of chemistry and wanting each other. In addition, Caden is forced to face his childhood love, and Dalton, the playboy, is forced away from his fabulous international life but meets a woman he is finally forced to chase.

Since I am so good at making confessions, I admit I liked this book. It was easy and quick to read. In addition to it being a romance book, it has a bit of suspense that will keep readers reading until the end. This book is open-ended and a sequel is to be released in June 2014, which will feature Caden. I am a bit curious to know all about him and Shiloh, so I just might keep reading. I also wish to know the details of their father’s imprisonment, and I hope the next book will touch on that as well. So yeah, there are a lot of loose ends in this series that will keep readers interested.

In short, I know I told y’all I was forced to read a romance novel, and I am glad I picked this one. I don’t deliberately go out of my way to read romance novels because it’s too idealistic and fake to me, but this one was written well. It kept me reading, and I look forward to reading the next book in this new series.


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