Girls From Da Hood 8

Alright, alright, I confess. I don’t usually go for short stories. I also haven’t read any books in this series, but since I was just a 16000251patron yesterday instead of an employee at the library, I saw this one and decided to give it a try. Girls From Da Hood 8 is authored by Treasure Hernandez and Natalie Weber. Since y’all know I liked the Flint series, I decided to give this book a try.

Quick rundown: First up is Treasure’s effort, Bad Education. Gabrielle Davenport is a good girl destined to attend Harvard, until she is forced to move to the hood with her aunt after her mother’s death. Her mother always tried to keep Gabby out of that environment, and once she gets there, she understands why. Being that she is a good student, she sticks out in the projects like a sore thumb and is bullied by the local hoodrats. Gabby’s time there starts to look up once she meets and begins to date D-Waite, a local drug dealer. We all know the chickens are not having that, and once the smoke clears, Gabby is left to fend for herself.

Next up is Natalie’s Friendly Fire. In this effort, three friends come of age and grow apart. Shawna is moving up in the world once she takes on an internship which leads to a new job full of money and benefits. Keisha is finally deciding to be who she really is and not care what others think about her sexuality. LaRhonda, however, is stuck in the hood in the web of lies she weaved for herself. After not speaking, their lives become entangled when secrets are revealed, and they realize they all need each other.

Sooo…I must be honest. I thought this book was just ok. I read it in one night, so it is a quick read. Obviously there is a level of entertainment because I didn’t stop reading it like I usually do if I can’t get past page 50 in a book. Both stories had potential. I liked the whole school girl/drug dealer love story concept but something was missing. Maybe there should’ve been an update or something to show what those two were up to after the whole fallout. I don’t know. The second story was interesting but it left me thinking there were other secrets not told. Again, I’on know…Both stories ended abruptly with me thinking I missed something. Maybe both needed to be developed into their own novels instead of short stories. In the case of the second story, there was a lot going on.

In short, I can’t speak on all of the books in Girls From Da Hood but I can say this one had potential and was a quick read. #9 is out and I might pick that one up.


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