Cheaper to Keep Her 1 and 2

Welcome to another edition of drive-by post time! This post will be short so let’s get to it.8696609 9753173

As I usually do, I’m at work, chillin’, when I spot this book, Cheaper to Keep Her by Unique. I would later learn Unique is really popular street lit author Kiki Swinson. Anyhoo, I’m mad late, as these books have been out for a while, I just had never seen them. With a title like Cheaper to Keep Her, seriously, I couldn’t resist not picking parts 1 and 2 up and seeing what they were about.

The really, really quick rundown: Lynise is a bartender at the strip club. She lives with her best friend, stripper Diamond, and appears to want a good man and a good life. One night while working, she meets the charismatic Duke Carrington, who sweeps her off her feet. He wines and dines her and puts her in a new condo. However, all this stuff comes with a price. Duke, being the man he is, puts Lynise out after she acts a fool, but he later finds out in book 2 that it was cheaper to keep her.

So yeah… I thought book 1 was entertaining. The plot was a lil’ bit different; Duke really was into some interesting dealings. However, I found Lynise annoying, especially in book 2, and I wanted her to be smarter and learn from her mistakes. Take the L and move on to better instead of falling back into the same trap with another man. Lynise disappointed me. So no, there will not be a post on books 3 and 4. Nope.


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