Hell House

Hell really is other people (I loved Sartre’s No Exit).  And when money is involved, anything can happen (and it often does).hh

I received this copy of Hell House to review from Netgalley. Thanks a bunch to the author, publisher, and of course, Netgalley.

I’ve previously heard of author Brenda Hampton and her books (I do work at a library) but  hadn’t read any of her titles. I decided to read this book because I thought the concept was different and interesting. Here is my, as always, honest review.

The quick rundown: Six characters from the author’s previous novels show up in Hell House, a three month reality tv show where the last person standing wins $100,000. We first meet Roc, a fine, young dark chocolate brotha from the hood; next up is Chase, a sexy seductress determined to win the money and a man; Jada, a full-figured chick with much attitude; Jaylin, the rich guy who takes no mess; Prince, the hood guy everyone is watching their wallets around; and Sylvia, the somewhat quiet chick who decided to go to Hell House to get over her ex. After meeting, alliances are formed, sexual tension is heavy, and no one can be trusted. The personalities of the participants all clash, but when they are forced to kick a member out of the house, who will they choose?

My thoughts: Although I haven’t read the books the characters are from, I didn’t feel I missed anything. In fact, the author added details to catch readers up. Those recaps were interesting and made me want to go back and read those books.

Likewise, I enjoyed the book. It was funny and I felt that it captured all that goes on in game shows similar to Hell House. There wasn’t one character I liked more than the others; they all kinda got on my nerves. They all seemed to be in the house to forget about their problems since a few of them really didn’t need the money. In addition, I didn’t agree with some of their game strategies.  I thought it wasn’t wise to partake in any sexual relationships while in the house because it only leads to further confusion. I do admit that one particular scene was hot, and the reaction from others in the house, especially Jada, was hilarious. I can’t say enough how funny I think this book is.

In short, this open-ended book was a quick, entertaining read. It captured the essence of those type of reality tv game shows. I can’t wait to read the follow-up to see who was voted out of the house and what will happen next.


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