Remembering Whitney (a quick review)

It’s been a year since our girl with that voice, Ms. Whitney, has passed. Being that I loved her voice, I had to check out Remembering Whitney: My story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped  by her mother, Cissy Houston. This wasn’t an easy one to blog about for many reasons.15818746

A REALLY quick recap: Although the book is called Remembering Whitney, Ms. Cissy talks about her own upbringing and her time in the music industry. She goes into detail about her children’s beginnings, especially Whitney’s, and talks of how she molded Whitney to become the singer that she was. The book wouldn’t be interesting if it didn’t mention Whitney’s love life and  marriage to Bobby and the whole drugs situation. And of course, she discusses Whitney’s death, her reaction, and the funeral.

My thoughts: Ok, here’s the truth and this might sound a little ranty. I think Ms. Cissy placed Whitney so far up on a pedestal that Whitney herself couldn’t reach it; she couldn’t live up to her mother’s expectations and high ideals. I know moms do that, but really, Whitney was a human, flawed just like rest of us. I think Whitney didn’t know who to be: the pop princess, goody two-shoes from supposed good stock or the real Whitney, whoever that was. I cringed a lot while reading this book, especially when it came to Whitney and her relationships with others outside of the family. It seemed as if Ms. Cissy always had an opinion about her friends and thought they would influence her negatively. I think when Whitney had her mind made up, she did what she wanted to do. Ms. Cissy didn’t like Robyn although I thought Ms. Cissy was similar to Robyn with the ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude. Interesting though that Robyn was the one who told her about Whitney using in the first place. Anyway, I think Ms. Cissy felt Whitney couldn’t think for herself; she did mention in the book that Whitney didn’t have to be tough because there was always someone to do it for her.

Reading about Whitney and Bobby’s wedding was beautiful. I think those two really loved each other but as time passed, it was difficult for him to be in Whitney’s shadow or being the one blamed for her behavior. Dealing with his messiness couldn’t had been easy for Whitney, either, but as Ms. Cissy stated, Whitney wanted to prove everyone wrong and stay in the marriage. I was pleased she didn’t go in too much on Bobby despite it being known how she really felt about him. I admit I loved Being Bobby Brown and still catch episodes on YouTube. I know that wasn’t Whitney at her best, but probably being with him enabled her to be herself without judgment.

In short, this was sad, considering we know the ending. Everyone is going to have his or her own opinion about this book. I’ve decided to keep it light and appreciate the insight we did get, despite it being from her mother’s point of view. Ms. Cissy only saw what she wanted and was in denial about Whitney and her children, I think. But anyway, it was entertaining and eye-opening.


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