Bad Apple

Lord…. this child is just dumb!

That was my main thought while reading Bad Apple The Baddest Chick Part 1 by Nisa Santiago. Let me back track though… I had never read any books by this author but saw this one sticking out, just waiting for me to pick it up. See, I had been bypassing this book. I really didn’t want to check it out because I already had too many books at home, and I didn’t want to read another not so great hood book. Something just made me change my mind, though.

So, let’s get to it, and here’s a warning: this will be quite ratchet. Ha, ratchet librarian chick! That should be my new name for this blog. I digress….

The quick rundown: This book is about twins Apple and Kola and how different they are. Apple appears to be quiet and not about that hood life. Kola, however, is the complete opposite; girlfriend is about that life! She relishes it. Kola is all about making money and doesn’t mind using her body to do it. Apple has been crushing on local hood dude, Cross, and dreams of him one day making her his main chick and taking her out of the hood.  Apple wants to attend an event with her friends and hopefully meet Cross, but being the broke, jobless 17 year old that she is, she needs cash for an outfit.  Instead of borrowing an outfit from her sister’s massive clothes collection, she decides to make a choice that leads to dire consequences for her family and puts Apple and Kola at war with each other.

My thoughts: Well… Apple is dumb. Really, really dumb. Seriously, I wanted to strangle her. Initially, I liked her. I thought she would make it out of the hood the right way; you know, get a legal job, meet Cross, and ride off in the sunset. But nope. That wasn’t gonna happen. We wouldn’t have a story if she did. For her to make the dumbest choice, all in the name of a darn outfit really pissed me off. Not only did she screw up, her choices…. Ok, I have to stop here or I will tell too much. Let me just say that I adored Nichols. She was my favorite character in this book. I had high hopes for her and looked forward to reading more about her and watch her development. Now on to Kola. I wasn’t too sure about her but I ended up liking her. Despite the way she got her money, she seemed somewhat decent. Somewhat. The mama was just as stank as all get out. I just wasn’t with the way she talked to her daughters and the way they talked to her. I was just raised differently, I guess. Shrugs.

In short, well, it was a quick read. I checked it out on Thursday night and was finished by Friday night. Despite me not being thrilled, I found the book entertaining. It’s full of many shady characters many readers will love to hate. I want to see how this series ends, so yeah, I will check out all the books.


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