Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Lonnie is an angry black woman in J. D. Mason’s latest, Drop Dead Gorgeous. Drop Dead, Gorgeous is the highly ddganticipated follow-up to Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, which featured Desi Green’s release from prison and her revenge against all those who assisted in her imprisonment. Because I enjoyed BDR so much, I was super excited to read this novel and see what would become of Lonnie, Desi, and the Gatewood clan.

The really, really quick rundown: Drop Dead, Gorgeous begins with us readers watching Lonnie recover  then vow to kick ass and take names. With the help of a friend, Lonnie is hellbent on dethroning Jordan from the Gatewood kingdom; she wants to make him pay for what he did to her. However, this feat will not be easy, as Lonnie is going up against a man with unlimited resources and money.  Lonnie will not rest until she’s the last woman standing, even if it means lying, cheating, and dragging others into her plot.

My thoughts:  So, again, I was super excited to get this book. As usual, with a J. D. Mason novel, you will get a well-written, smart tale with some dope ass dialogue. I enjoyed it and read it within days. Many secrets and relationships were revealed this time around, including the paternity of Desi and Jordan. We were given a hint of this in the prior book, so it wasn’t too  much of a surprise. Oh, but there were surprises! The twists were shocking, and I wanted the book to conclude with others, in addition to Jordan, being held accountable for their actions. I will say Lonnie didn’t care how low she had to go to get Jordan, and if it meant hurting someone who had nothing to do with it, so be it.

I must add though, despite enjoying the book, I wasn’t pleased with many situations. First up, I wasn’t happy with how Lonnie’s friendship with Desi played out.  To not give away the story, I will mention that we briefly encounter Desi in this book. Unlike BDR, this book is Lonnie’s. Much of Desi’s life had changed since the release of her memoir.  Desi was traveling; her focus changed from worrying about the Gatewoods to enjoying her life. Lonnie didn’t understand this and she behaved as if Desi played her. I didn’t see it that way, but I could see both sides of their arguments. Desi’s life was finally good, she has moved on. Lonnie, conversely, would not move on until Jordan paid for his actions. I got it. Seriously. That whole situation was sad and weird, and I hoped for a happy ending with those two. We kinda get one, though. Sorta, but not quite.

Likewise, I also didn’t like how Lonnie didn’t care who would be hurt by her scheme to get Jordan. For instance, we were introduced to Jordan’s brother, Frank, who had his own problems and didn’t need Lonnie adding to his destruction. Ok, so I gave that away. But, don’t get me wrong, some folks deserve to get got, and many of them did. I know casualties happen in a war, but Lonnie didn’t give a damn who was hurt by her actions. I know, I know… I can be soft sometimes.

Third, I also didn’t get how it wrapped up in the end. Well, not exactly the end… I cannot say too  much because I will give it away. How about this, the conclusion of Lonnie and Jordan was a bit rushed. It seemed like one minute they were fighting, then the next it was over. All in one paragraph. Speaking of the ending. I was NOT expecting that. AT ALL. But again, go ‘head J. D. witcho bad self! If I hadn’t made it clear before, I will add it here: I really like J. D. Mason’s style. But that’s a post for another time…

In brief, I enjoyed Drop Dead, Gorgeous, but not as much as Beautiful, Dirty, Rich, although readers will not be disappointed. It’s J. D. Mason, you can’t be disappointed! I highly recommend picking up Beautiful, Dirty, Rich first before digging into Drop Dead, Gorgeous. This suspenseful tale was thrilling, with many twists and turns, and easy to read. Because the ending of the book was open-ended, there must be a part 3 coming, and I am gladly waiting for its release.


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