The Best of Street Lit Part 1

I’ve always wanted to do a post like this. I read a lot. It’s what I enjoy doing, and thankfully, it is apart of my job. Here are a few books that are street lit gold and remain relevant today amid the influx of new authors and books.

Some of these books are very well-known, some of them not. I won’t elaborate too much on these books or provide summaries. What I will do is keep it short (this time).

1. Any Donald Goines book. I read Black Girl Lost and sat with my mouth open for at least 5 minutes. Hell, any Donald Goines book will do that. He is, in my opinion, the Godfather of this, and I think many of today’s authors attempt to copy his style. No, you will not get cute, happy endings out of his books, but what you will get it is reality.

2. True to the Game by Teri Woods- As a co-worker described this book, it is a love story with guns and violence. Like Goines, readers receive authenticity, not a fairy tale. I enjoyed it so much I bought it, and I don’ t usually buy books. I don’t have to.

3. The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Soulja- Yup, another classic favorite. I recommend this book to all street lit newbies when they come to me asking for readers’ advisory services.

4. Criminal Minded by Tracy Brown- This is what you call good storytelling. The writing was perfect,  as well as the plot and character development. I haven’t read this book in years, but it remains in my mind as one of the best of urban fiction. Tracy, girl, you did that. I have no words for how well-written this book is. She added a different twist to street lit, one that was definitely needed, as this genre continues to fill up with the same plots and characters. If you haven’t read it, you are missing out on a good book.

5. Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree- This book transcends genres and is one of my favorites. Again, I don’t buy books, but this is one I did buy.


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