Natural Born Liar by Noire

nblQuick rundown: Mink LaRue is a ratchet hustle queen always looking for her next scam. Mink hits the jackpot when her friend and partner in crime, Bunni, sees a picture of long lost Dominion heir, Sable Dominion, on a milk carton. Mink looks identical to Sable, who went missing at 3 years old. Bunni and Mink decide to head out to Texas and claim Sable’s inheritance and head back to New York before all hell breaks lose. However, before Mink can get Sable’s inheritance, she must prove she is Sable by taking a DNA test.  The natural born liars think they have their plan all laid out, but Barron, Sable’s brother, knows Mink is up to no good and is determined to not let Mink’s uncouth behind all up in his family.

My thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I didn’t expect to like it, truthfully. The plot was refreshing because sometimes in street lit, the story lines are very similar and lack individuality. Mink and Bunni kept me entertained. Envisioning Mink with her different colored wigs on had me laughing, especially since she thought she was impressing the Dominions with her style. I have to add that this book is not for prudes, as the erotic scenes were kinda hot. I had to fan myself, chile. I was a bit shocked and disturbed by some of those sex scenes. Although they weren’t blood, they were still family. Also, there was a lot of filler material that dragged the story along and made the book unnecessarily longer.

In short, I enjoyed this erotic tale and look forward to reading the follow-up!


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