Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It

I admit it. I have really been sleeping on author J. D. Mason. After reading Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (which I posted a review on, by theTake Your Pleasure way), I decided to check out more of her titles. Let me tell you, this is real story telling. I will definitely recommend her books while performing my readers’ advisory duties.

Now, how did I happen upon this book, Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It? Well, I was just chillin’ at work, thought the title was catchy, saw we had it in, and that was it.

A quick rundown: This is a story of how past events can alter lives and catch up to us. Three high school friends share a secret: They delivered a baby one night and decided to abandon it at a hospital. After that life changing event, the three friends, Freddie, Phyllis, and Renetta, go their separate ways, even though they vowed to always remain friends. Freddie is married to her long-time love, Don, and they have children and grandchildren. Phyllis, who is very career focused, is divorced from her high school sweetheart and has a daughter she is trying to connect with. Renetta is finally living a life worthy of herself. She is out of her abusive marriage a has a successful online business. Despite their accomplishments, the three are still haunted by what they had done. After attending their high school class reunion, Freddie and Renetta wish to reconnect, and ultimately, make peace with what they did, but Phyllis outright refuses to even blink in their direction. Phyllis prefers to leave the past in the past. However, we all know that ain’t how that works! The child they left in the hospital is now a grown woman and wants to know which of the three is her mother, and Tasha is determined to find her answer, at all costs.

I enjoyed it. There really isn’t much more for me to say. I had to resist the urge to flip to the back of the book to see who was Tasha’s mother. Mason kept the identity of the mother a secret until the end. When I thought I knew for certain who the mother was, I was blindsided. I also liked how readers get to know the ladies and their lives. I do have questions, though, such as who was Tasha’s father and where do these characters go from here since they all experienced some changes. Well, I guess we’ll never know!

In short, J. D. Mason is a good writer. I have enjoyed the books I have read by her and recommend them. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It is suspenseful, engaging, and well-written.


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