Playing With Fire


playing with fire

The quick rundown: In Playing With Fire by Kayla Perrin,  Zienna is a successful thirty something looking for the one. She wants a relationship like her deceased parents shared but hadn’t had any luck until her friend Alexis introduced her to Nicholas. Nicholas, a successful chef and restaurant owner, appears steady, faithful, and ready for commitment. All is going well for Nicholas and Zienna until Wendell, a former professional football player and the one who broke Zienna’s heart, makes his way back into town and threatens the relationship she is building with Nicholas.

My thoughts: I liked this book. It started off slow to me but once I got into it, I didn’t want to stop reading. Although I can’t say the plot is original, I like how this contemporary romance is for grown folks. For instance, Zienna and her best friend Alexis discuss what women want in relationships and not feel ashamed for wanting to be pleased sexually. So yeah, the book does get steamy but all sex scenes were tastefully written with just enough umph to fan yourself.  One thing that I did want explained was Nicholas’s background. Not to give anything away, but really, his behavior, chile…there’s more to that story that could’ve been detailed. The author could’ve gone a little deeper with this story.

In short, if you are seeking a grown romance you can relate to, I recommend this book. I enjoyed the friendship between Zienna and Alexis. The shockers in the book kept me reading to see how this love triangle would end.

* This copy was provided by Netgalley to review*


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