Little Green: An Easy Rawlins Mystery (a quick review)

little greenY’all just don’t know how happy I am that my author boo Walter Mosley has resurrected my fictional boo, Ezekiel Porterhouse Rawlins, and has released a new mystery, Little Green. Naw, you just don’ t understand! I have read every title in the Easy Rawlins series and was so upset after reading Blonde Faith. In fact, I closed up the book several times once I realized what was happening. Anyway, Easy is back in this new title and I couldn’t be happier.

The really quick rundown: Easy Rawlins has risen from the dead and is ready to set out on his new case: find Little Green. Little Green, as Raymond “Mouse” Alexander calls Evander Noon, is a young black male with his life ahead of him. Evander has gone missing after getting himself caught up with some hippies and the underworld. After an acid trip, money is missing and the bad guys are after Evander. Ray, Easy’s hilarious and dangerous longtime friend, asks Easy for his help. Easy takes on the job and reclaims his life.

Along with Mouse, there are many others along on the ride to assist Easy, including Mama Joe, Jackson Blue, and Easy’s children. Although all of the books in the series can stand alone, I recommend starting from the beginning and reading Devil in a Blue Dress. Having read the entire series, I was able to recognize the names and situations Easy referenced throughout the book. Easy’s name dropping did make me want to reread many of the titles, which is no problem since I have enjoyed every book in the series.

In brief, if you are an Easy Rawlins fan like myself, you should rejoice! Easy is back and you won’t be disappointed in this book.


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